Exhibitor Lead Retrieval

Value Added Service for Your Exhibitors

CONEXSYS is an experienced provider of exhibitor Lead Retrieval systems and offers a variety of solutions. Our high-quality, hand-held scanner units are easy-to-use and very reliable. By empowering exhibitors to better track and categorize their prospects, we enable effective follow-up and improve return on investment.

Scanner Systems for Exhibitors

Our lead retrieval system allows exhibitors to capture the essential attendee information needed to follow-up leads and close sales. When an exhibitor scans a delegate’s badge, they not only receive the individual’s contact information, but also are able to input products of interest, the preferred method of contact post-show, as well as additional information customized to their business needs.

Utilization of our lead retrieval system provides the following benefits to exhibitors:

  • Use of a handheld barcode scanner for the duration of the event.
  • Extremely accurate scanned information. Barcode technology provides near 100% scanning accuracy, which translates into precise follow-up information for exhibitors.
  • Convenience for attendees. Barcode technology means that exhibitors can scan badges right in their badge holder. Attendees do not have to remove their badge at each booth so it can be run through a magstripe scanner.
  • Portability. Our hand-held scanners can be used anywhere within the event venue. This means added convenience for both attendees and exhibitors.
  • A print-out of prospect data is available on demand.
  • An end-of-event electronic file containing all scanned data. This file is compatible with the majority of software programs.

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